Contributor Application
The Genius Zone is looking for writers with expertise and experience in business, sales, and marketing. Writers must either hold a degree in their chosen subject matter, or must be actively working directly within that field. (ie. marketing degree, or running/working at a marketing company). The Genius Zone will review and consider professional photographers who wish to write about business, sales or marketing only when they meet one or both criteria.
For photographers who do not meet the above criteria, we have created Best In Class, a place for working professional photographers to have their business successes highlighted. To apply to be featured, click here.


What Should You Write About

The Genius Zone is comprised of 5 main categories. They are:

  • Business (The administrative side of business ownership)
  • Sales (Pricing, sales techniques, product packaging and delivery)
  • Marketing (Branding, social media, blogging, content)
  • Reviews (Photography gear, software, stuff)
  • Best In Class (Photographers knocking it out of the park)

For more about The Genius Zone’s mission, check out our about page.

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