Are You Procrastiworking? 5 Tips to Help You Get Your Work Done!

Quick, don’t think. Just tell me – right now, what are you supposed to be doing? Are you procrastiworking instead?

I may be the queen of procrastiworking. This very blog post? Procrastiwork. I mean, I really needed to write a different blog post today. One I’ve been sitting on for over a week now. Matter of fact, I have a long list of blog posts I need to write. Instead? I’m writing this one. Not the one I had planned, but the one that I felt like writing instead.

Are you procrastiworking? 5 Tips to Help You Get Things DONE - The Genius Zone

The one full of pretty gold sparkly glitter. I don’t know about you, but I LOVE GOLD GLITTER.

Procrastiworking? That is the gold glitter of the work world. It is when you are supposed to be focused on doing one thing, and instead? You’re doing something else. Sure, it looks like work. But it isn’t the work you’re supposed to be doing. It is the work you’re doing when you’re ignoring what you really don’t want to be doing.

It eases your guilt because you think you’re getting something done, so that is a great thing.

Only problem? Tomorrow? Your work will still be there, waiting for you.

Why are you Procrastiworking?

You need to ask yourself why you are ignoring the task at hand. Is it something you don’t feel qualified to do? Is it something that would be better off if you outsourced it? Is it for a client you just don’t like working with, but you took them on anyways?

What would happen if you just DID that thing and got it out of the way? After all, you’re just a bundle of nerves worrying about it right now, which isn’t doing anyone any good. It leads to playing on Pinterest, justifying it as “research” for your next project. Or answering messages on Facebook, claiming it is networking.

You don’t have to tell me. I’m the queen here. I have got it DOWN. There is one thing I’ve realized this year though. My word of the year is Intention. If I do things with intention and get them done? I can move on to things that are far more fun.

Tips to help you stop Procrastiworking

  • Write it DOWN. So often, I catch myself drifting off in to procrastiwork land because I don’t have a list to work from of what I need to get done. Writing it down, on paper, with a pen, a list that I cross off? Makes all the difference.
  • Use the Pomodoro Technique. I do a modified version of this – I set my timer for 20 minutes and challenge myself to get as much done from my list in that time. Sometimes it is one item, sometimes it is 10. Either way, 20 minutes? I get a break. Hearing the ticking of my chicken timer also helps keep me focused.
  • Start with the hardest items. The big scary thing that you have to get done, absolutely MUST do today? Start with that. Reward yourself later with the procrastiworking items.
  • Put your computer in lockdown mode. I use an app called Self Control on my computer so that I literally can’t wander off in to Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter land. It won’t let me. Bonus tip? Hide your phone and tablet devices in the other room so that you can’t just reach for them to check in on social media instead.
  • Outsource. Yes, you heard me. Most of the time the thing you are avoiding the most is something you really, really hate doing. Can you hire someone else to do it? The cost might outweigh the stress involved.

Things You Should Know If We’re Going to be BFFs

I’ve got a ways to go to break the procrastiworking habit, but I have made great strides so far.

The thing you should know if we’re going to be BFFs? Sometimes I procrastiwork. I’m trying hard to stop it, but if you catch me? Give me a little nudge. I won’t mind. (Also, remind me to launch Self Control on my Mac, so I stop wandering off!)

Oh, also if we’re going to be BFFs? You should know that I make up silly words sometimes. Like Procrastiworking. But isn’t it fun to say out loud?

If you’re looking for me, I’m going to go write the blog post I was supposed to write today now. It is still early, and I’m setting my timer so I get it done!

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