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Christine Tremoulet & Stephanie Ostermann - WPPI 2015Born of an idea that sprang to life during WPPI 2015, Christine Tremoulet and Stephanie Ostermann, both former photographers turned business strategists, The Genius Zone was built to counter a myth that the photography industry has held for far too long: That the only valuable business advice for a photographer comes from another photographer.

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In shifting away from actively running photography businesses, Christine & Stephanie, having created tandem careers speaking, coaching and writing about business itself, found that the common thread among conference organizers and attendees was the same. If you weren’t running a photography business, you had no business talking to others about it.

And that’s simply not true. The biggest business minds of our time are working a variety of industries, and an expert is an expert. The value of learning from those who have focused their work on the very thing they teach about is immeasurable. And so The Genius Zone was born – a place to learn from people who hold have studied or practiced extensively in their area of expertise – marketing geniuses who actually work in marketing departments, law gurus with actual law degrees, and so on.

They are sharing from their Genius Zone so that you can work within yours.